All Skrill fees

Some of Skrill fees could come as a surprise to you when using one of the most popular Virtual Wallet services. A lot of the fees are dependent on your country or currency that you use. Here is a list of all Skrill open and hidden fees which you have to take into account.

Opening an account
Receiving money
Deposits Different fees for different countries and payment methods. From 0.00% up to 2.50%
Withdrawals Different fees depending on withdrawal method and country. Up to 7,5%
Money transfer
P2P transactions
International transfer fee up to 4.99%
International transfer exchange rate mark-up up to 4.99%
Currency Conversion Interbank market rate plus processing fee of 3.99% (down to 1.99% for VIP members)
Prepaid card fees Annual fee of 10 USD
ATM fee of 2.50 USD
(10 USD application fee for some customers)
Cryptocurrencies Wallet currency in EUR or USD have buy and sell fee up to 1.99 USD or 1.50% per transaction
Unused account fee If you do not use your account in 12 months 5.00 USD will be deducted monthly from the funds in your account.