Fast Lane Campaign: Unlocking High VIP Levels at Skrill and NETELLER


In the world of digital transactions, the quest for premium services and exclusive benefits is a constant. Recognizing this, Skrill and NETELLER have launched an exciting new campaign called “Fast Lane,” designed specifically for you.

What is the Fast Lane Campaign?

The Fast Lane campaign is an accelerated pathway to the coveted Silver and Gold VIP levels at Skrill and NETELLER. These levels come with a host of competitive advantages, such as lower transaction fees, complimentary prepaid cards, and access to dedicated account managers, among others.

With this campaign, you will be granted the special VIP level of Fast Silver for Skrill or Bronze Pro for NETELLER. Once these levels are achieved, you will be eligible for the highest levels (Silver VIP and Gold VIP) by transacting just half of the settled official threshold for regular customers.

The thresholds for achieving these VIP levels have been set as follows:

  • Skrill Silver: €5,000
  • Skrill Gold: €15,000
  • NETELLER Silver: $5,000
  • NETELLER Gold: $15,000

Campaign Timeline

The Fast Lane campaign will run until 31st of July 2023. In order for you to achieve the VIP level, all transactions must be completed within this timeframe. All eligible accounts will be upgraded automatically.

How to Participate?

To participate in Skrill Fast Lane campaign you must register your account through this LINK.

To participate in NETELLER Fast Lane campaign you must register your account through this LINK.


The Fast Lane campaign is an excellent opportunity for affiliate referrals to quickly ascend to the high VIP levels at Skrill and NETELLER. By transacting the specified amounts within the campaign period, users can enjoy the myriad benefits that come with these esteemed VIP levels. So, get ready to shift into the fast lane and enjoy a seamless, rewarding digital transaction experience.